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Like all true innovations, the founding of Axia- a leading manufacturer in the field of design for the bath, home & contract market- was something of an intuition. At the end of Nineties, when the company, now directed by Alberto Salvador and Elisabetta Zavarise, was founded with the architect Lino Codato, a complete evolution had just taken place in the bath, which progressed from a service space dedicated to personal hygiene concerns, to a privileged place for the care and wellbeing of the person, demanding the same esthetic and functional standards reserved for the other living spaces. In this context, Axia chose to respond to the entire range of needs expressed by a user who is increasingly demanding and well-informed. Though their crucial parameter of reference remains the superior level of quality, the AXIA collections in fact display an extraordinary variety which, from the very small to the very large, becomes the secret of their extreme versatility in responding to the most particular needs, making possible the infinite range of creative solutions which is intrinsic to contemporary design. A complete range of elements from sinks to shower trays, from taps to bathtubs, from accessories to vanities, everything included into a modular and interchangeable program.The precious quality of materials such as wood, stainless steel and Corian, which eschew any form of imitation, the accuracy of the finish details and the focus on technological innovation become the firm foundations on which AXIA has based its esthetic rigor, which comes alive and evolves thanks to the unmistakable contribution of internationally renowned designers, which go beyond to the complete program, signed by Lino Codato, which is its background. Is inserted, for example, the new proposal of Simone Micheli that visualizes a bath space fluid and magic but at the same time functional and suggestive always on the same company way and philosophy with rigour and formal essentiality, material preciosity and technological innovation. He matches the naturalness of the wood to the contemporary and technological materials. A polychromy which starts from the cherry and passing to the walnut, the natural oak or the painted oak, the wengé, the teak, the ebony as opposed to matt or glossy lacquered elements also customized and on a RAL choice. The resins as Corian, Cristal Plant and other similar, used following the most specific techniques are necessary for creating with the thermo shaping or the moulding, unique and soft lines. The bathtubs, for example, as the shower trays, are placed in the centre of the room, built-in or customized. They are now oval, round on basement or floor mounted. The vanities with drawers or doors, the sink structures with shaped bottoms and the matched chest of drawers help to create the space maintaining the purity in the environment. The shapes, in fact, thanks to them, are now rounded. Softening and graduating the surfaces intensity and effect, they invite to be touched and caressed.The common intent that guides the planning sign and that marks his formal and functional research, is the concept to create clean spaces where we can make ourselves comfortable and revive the magic of lived moments only for ourselves. Karim Rashid, on the contrary, feels the bathroom in a sensual and inviting way, a place where one may escape, meditate and stay with whom you love. He re designs the concept with warm materials, he wants a softness that would semantically speak to the act of cleaning oneself in a natural organic and romantic context. He looks for a tridimensionality where the surface of the pieces catch the light in a way that creates a visual depth while still maintaining surfaces that can be easily cleaned. Few elements of great prestige for a spacious environment that is capable of revealing many emotions. The first collection foresees the multilayer of okoumé, of the oval mirrors with led or neon lights, of suspended counter tops with no visible brakets. AXIA lives in the essentiality and searches the designers and collaborators who better know, with no frills, in a direct and clear way to express it.

Buy Phentermine 37.5 Online Canada